Martina Reilly
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A Moment Like Forever

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A Moment Like Forever A Moment Like Forever
October 2010
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Andrea and Lexi thought that they would be friends forever. Through thick and thin, wild nights out, they were inseperable. But it was to be their biggest adventure that would tear them apart. Whilst travelling through Australia, they were involved in a catastrophic accident. Andrea was left scarred but her best friend was nowhere to be found. What had happened to Lexi...
Two years later, Andrea's scar means that she's too scared to leave her flat. Instead, she spends time with her grumpy cat Baz and her hopeless boss Alistair. But when Andy's sister and her boyfriend come to live with her, bringing all their dramas with them, Andy realises that even though she's got secrets buried, it doesn't mean that they'll stay that way. 

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