Martina Reilly
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Wedded Blitz

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Wedded Blitz Wedded Blitz
Feburary 2005
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When Dublin girl Jane married local boy Jim, she thought it was for ever. But now there are cracks in their marriage that they just can’t seem to fix. Then Jim announces he’s moving out, and Jane is left to pick up the pieces of their family life. On top of that her mother decides to visit...

Determined to remain upbeat, Jane resolves to make a real success of her work, only to discover that Cutting Edge, the hairdressing empire, is opening a shop just yards away from her own humble salon. With her staff in uproar and customers deserting her in droves, Jane decides to play Cutting Edge at its own game.

Then life deals Jane and Jim one dreadful blow. As past hurts rush to the surface, they are forced to confront what drove them apart in the first place.

“Clever, frank and funny” - Bella

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